Beyond The Nail

The Story of Magical Nail Polish

Hi there I’m Louise.

I am a Mum, wife, animal lover, truth seeker, serial entrepreneur and friend who loves reading, singing, dancing, science, art and an occasional tipple

I have to admit I’m not, and never will be, a fashionista but I have my own sense of style and always dress well for the occasion. My mind is filled with colour and I can see beauty in the strangest of places. I’m at my happiest out in nature with my camera snapping obscure shots of the world around me and capturing its magic.

I’ve had a few jobs in my time, mostly youth work and care, and I have worked for myself too being a face painter, body artist and owning my own pet food company. These are all completely worlds apart but I’ve loved every one of them in their own way.

For the past couple of years I’ve taken time to slow down and be mum full-time, a totally new experience for me. During this time I’ve indulged my passion for colour by painting and drawing when I have a free moment…who knew being a full-time mum would give me LESS time for myself than when I was working? On a whim I started face painting again but soon realised this would be a difficult career to fit around a busy family, I’ve not given it up completely but I realised I needed something else that allowed me to express my artistic and aesthetic self when I chose to return to working life.

As much as I love painting and drawing, for some reason a flat canvas just doesn’t do justice to my work. Aswell as this I had fallen in love with some of the fantastic finishes my sister could get on nails in her own business. I had her do my nails but due to underlying health conditions I had 4-5 months of regrowth before my nails were back to normal. I had problems with acrylic nails previously and it seemed that gel nails were going to give me the same issues. I had to find a way to have those fabulous nails I loved that was suitable for me,┬áso I started playing about with some nail art using regular polishes and glitters. I realised quickly I’m not as good at painting nails as I am at painting faces or bodies. This got me down for a while, but I knew I had to find a way to get fab, arty looking nails easily and I stumbled into the world of Indie Nail Polish…it was the EUREKA! moment I had been waiting for.

I spent an exciting few months researching how to go about making my own polishes, from the alchemic colour mixing through to the boring but essential regulations and laws. I have played around with colours and finishes, I’ve made prototypes for myself and friends to try out. I did a LOT of soul-searching and found another little magical niche I could add to my life; By planning when I made my polishes, choosing just the right names and asking the Universe for guidance as I planned and made each polish then making them with an open heart full of love and abundance I could do more than just make a pretty nail polish. I could make something that brought magic into my life every day, and the lives of those I shared it with.

I’m all about sharing the love so I invite you to join me on my journey. Let me bring you some magic and joy, I’m sure you’ll adore my polishes as much as I do.


Louise xx